Meet Dora Salazar

Dora, a Paramedical Aesthetician and Integrative Beauty Professional, has devoted her life to the passion of skincare and offers an array of services that are designed to improve the health and condition of the skin. She has over 15 years of experience in the aesthetic field and has worked for highly recognized dermatologists, plastic surgeons and …

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Client Testimonials

  • Yolanda Blanco / Insurance Agent / Caracas Venezuela

    “I love my skin today. I first visited Dora when I was on vacation in Florida. I wish I could visit them more often. What a difference, my skin used to be rough and uneven. I get many compliments now and people tell me all the time that I look younger and that feels great!!!!

  • Marta Camara / Permanent Makeup Artist / Florida, USA

    “Beauty is my thing. As a permanent Makeup Artist, I am very critical of high quality work. Not only my skin looks great but the service that I receive every time is amazing. Way to go girls… I cannot thank you enough…”

  • Alissa Brown / Accounting Manager / Florida, USA

    “I look forward to my appointment every month. I know it is time to go see Dora. When I go, the transformation is immediate. My skin looks refreshed and younger and at my age… That is a beautiful thing!” Thank you dearly.

  • Silvia Gomez / Medical Assistant / Florida, USA

    “I had visited many places to help my acne scarring. I even had laser treatments which were very costly and painful. I was ready to give up when I had a talk with a close friend and she mentioned Dora. I thought I would take the last chance and I am very happy that I did. Their service is very different. It is a small, very cozy place, more like a Spa/Office feel. I was very impressed because they treat you like family from the first time and answer all your questions in a very professional manner. I completed a series of treatments and my skin looks incredible. It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you all very much for making me look and feel beautiful. That is priceless!!!!

  • Carlina Cisneros / Housewife / Florida, USA

    “I am a mom and with so many things over my shoulders, it is hard to have time for myself. But I will trade anything else except my facials. I just feel like a new person every time I get my treatment. This place is my secret paradise!!! Thank you, Thank you……

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